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Các Nhà Khoa Học Vĩ đại Nhất

By Xếp Hạng

Theo Quốc Gia

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Theo Năm

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Quốc gia: Nga

# Tên
Khoa Học
Thành Tựu
1 Mikhail_Lomonosov_1139.jpg
Mikhail Lomonosov

Hóa Học

regarded heat as a form of motion; suggested the wave theory of light; contributed to the formulation of the kinetic theory of gases;
2 Dmitri_Ivanovich_Mendeleev_1159.jpg
Dmitri Mendeleev

Hóa Học

Formulating the Periodic table of chemical elements
3 Konstantin_Novoselov_18.jpg
Konstantin Novoselov

Vật Lý, Thiên Văn Học

co-discovered a simple method for isolating single atomic layers of graphite, known as graphene
4 Ludvig_Faddeev_208.jpg
Ludvig Faddeev

Vật Lý

made many theoretical contributions in quantum field theory and mathematical physics; developed the Faddeev equation in connection with the three-body system
5 Pjotr_Leonidovich_Kapitsa_1416.jpg
Pjotr Leonidovich Kapitsa

Vật Lý

heralded a new era of low-temperature physics by inventing a device for producing liquid helium without previous cooling with liquid hydrogen; demonstrated that Helium II is a quantum superfluid
6 Igor_Y._Tamm_1417.jpg
Igor Y. Tamm

Vật Lý

co-developed the theoretical interpretation of the radiation of electrons moving through matter faster than the speed of light (the ``Cerenkov effect''), and developed the theory of showers in cosmic rays
7 Pavel_A._Cherenkov_1428.jpg
Pavel Cherenkov

Vật Lý

discovered the ``Cerenkov effect'' whereby light is emitted by a particle passing through a medium at a speed greater than that of light in the medium
8 Ilja_Frank_1435.jpg
Ilja Frank

Vật Lý

co-developed the theoretical interpretation of the radiation of electrons moving through matter faster than the speed of light (the ``Cerenkov effect''), and carried out experimental investigations of pair creation by gamma rays
9 Lev_Landau_1436.jpg
Lev Landau

Vật Lý

contributed to condensed matter theory on phenomena of superfluidity and superconductivity
10 Andrei_Sakharov_1450.jpg
Andrei Sakharov

Vật Lý

father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb; awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his struggle for human rights, for disarmament, and for cooperation between all nations

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