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Các Nhà Khoa Học Vĩ đại Nhất

By Xếp Hạng

Theo Quốc Gia

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Khoa Học: Thiên Văn Học

# Tên
Khoa Học
Thành Tựu
1 Nicolaus_Copernicus_1619.jpg
Nicolaus Copernicus

Ba Lan
Thiên Văn Học

developed a simple heliocentric model of the solar system that explained planetary retrograde motion and overturned Greek astronomy
2 John_Babtist_Riccioli_1624.jpg
John Babtist Riccioli

Thiên Văn Học

made telescopic lunar studies and published detailed lunar maps in which he introduced much nomenclature for lunar objects; discovered the first double star (Mizar)
3 Edmond_Halley_1628.jpg
Edmond Halley

Vương Quốc
Thiên Văn Học

used his theory of cometary orbits to predict that the comet of 1682 (later named ``Halley's comet'') was periodic
4 William_Herschel_1631.jpg
William Herschel

Vương Quốc
Thiên Văn Học

discovered Uranus and its two brightest moons, Titania and Oberon; discovered Saturn's moons, Mimas and Enceladus; discovered the ice caps of Mars, several asteroids and binary stars; cataloged 2,500 deep sky objects
5 Tycho_Brahe_1621.jpg
Tycho Brahe

Đan Mạch
Thiên Văn Học

observed a supernova now known as ``Tycho's supernova''; made the most precise observations of stellar and planetary positions then known
6 Giovanni_Cassini_1625.jpg
Giovanni Cassini

Thiên Văn Học

measured rotational periods of Jupiter and Mars; discovered four satellites of Saturn and the gap in Saturn's rings now known as ``Cassini's division''
7 Charles_Messier_1629.jpg
Charles Messier

Thiên Văn Học

discovered 19 comets, 13 being original and 6 independent co-discoveries; compiled a famous catalog of deep-sky objects
8 Giuseppe_Piazzi_1632.jpg
Giuseppe Piazzi

Thiên Văn Học

discovered the largest asteroid, Ceres; accurately measured positions of many stars, resulting in a star catalog
9 Johann_Bode_1633.jpg
Johann Bode

Thiên Văn Học

popularized a relationship giving planetary distances from the Sun, which became known as ``Bode's law''; predicted an undiscovered planet between Mars and Jupiter, where the asteroids were later found
10 Sir_George_Airy_1644.jpg
Sir George Airy

Vương Quốc
Thiên Văn Học

improved orbital theory of Venus and the Moon; studied interference fringes in optics; made a mathematical study of the rainbow

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